Monday, August 29, 2005

More Rig Features

I added some new features to my character rigging Max script over the weekend. First, I improved the stability/predictability of the IK solver on the arms by changing the method that I use to control the swivel angle. The new solution that I came up with is the best system I've created so far, and best of all, now that it's in my script I never have to set it up again. I can just push the button and it's done.

The second feature that I added is the ability to animate the arms with either FK or IK and switch back and forth between them easily in the middle of the animation. This is a feature that I've always wanted to have. Usually arms work best when animated with FK in my opinion, since they naturally move in arcs - but there are times when you really need to have an IK solution. I'm really happy to have this feature now so that I can use both. I haven't tried to create an animation with it yet - so it's always possible that the IK/FK solution that I came up with won't work correctly and I'll have to go back to the drawing board.

Speaking of going back to the drawing board, I came up with an auto clavicle system the day after my previous post and implemented it in a couple of the characters at work. I thought it was a good system and it did work really well - but only if the character had his arms out to the sides. As soon as the character put his arms in front, the clavicle bone "popped" when the wrist moved above the shoulder. Anyway, I'm still working on that one. More to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ben. Have sent you a few emails about using the texture photos you have posted to your website but have gotten no replies. Could you please check your email again and let me know if you can help me out? Thanks, Greg Johnson

August 29, 2005 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you I used one of your metal textures. Thank you they are all cool!

September 07, 2005 12:27 PM  

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