Friday, September 01, 2006

Moving and Moving

It has been a pretty crazy couple of months for me. My dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the start of the year. We decided it would be best to move our family to my parent's hometown to help take care of dad for the last part of his life. We sold our house in North Carolina in July and moved to Cedar City, Utah where my parents live. Since we arrived we've been hard at work setting up a new place, getting settled in, and helping my parents.

I am now an independant contractor working remotely for Vicious Cycle Software - the company where I worked in North Carolina. They very graciously offered me the chance to continue working for them even though I now live more than 2000 miles away!

I'm also working on two personal projects that are very exciting and have to do with 3ds Max and shaders. I'll post more details on them when they're farther along.

My second move was my web site. When my site was at MonitorStudios, I got hosting for free because my friend owned the server. The site got a bit too popular, however, and my friend told me he could no longer pay for all the bandwidth and still give me the server space for free. I looked around for a good web site host, found a good deal, and moved the site. At the same time, I also got the domain name - - which I'm very happy about. It's a lot easier to remember than the old one.

Big thanks to all of the people that have sent me email to thank me for the textures on my site. I'm glad that they're useful. I don't always have time to answer every email, but I really appreciate hearing from people that use my textures.